High Line Siblings

Elevated green parks have been a successful hit since the New York High Line proved that the integration of these public spaces can be proactive and adaptive to any city. The concept consists of transforming an unused railway line into a passive pedestrian public space changing its relationship with its context. Being an effective precedence, the High Line attracts “millions of visitors and ranks among the most influential public works projects of the past half-century, altering our thinking about public space and urban revival.”


New York High Line


The past week, it was announced that the unused Camden High Line, Camden, UK, is going to be converted into an elevated public space and commuting route.

“We think the re-use of this railway line for the Camden High Line outweighs the benefits and costs of leaving it vacant,” said Simon Pitkeathley, Chief Executive at Camden Town Unlimited. “This new transport link can reduce overcrowding and journey times on the existing, cycling and pedestrian routes nearby like Regent’s Canal.”

Also, the city of Chicago completed a similar project using their 2.7 miles elevated rail line converting it into a long “green ribbon of public space”.

“This is the High Line on steroids,” Koch continued, relaying how his boss, Mayor Rahm Emanuel. “I think he was captured by this extraordinary vision. This was a chance to create this ribbon of green that transforms our industrial legacy, a chance to take that and bring it into the 21st century as this incredible urban green space.”

These projects bring the opportunity to generate private investment surrounding the parks. In 2011, the New York High Line produced $2 billion in area investments along the public space.  Part of the success is that the city fabric has been revitalized and redeveloped thankfully to the benefits of providing human scale and “breathing” areas.

Bloomingdale Trail

Today, our appreciation for dense and walkable cities have created these “rest” areas which provide economical, health and improved aesthetics to the city.



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