The Big Blue Result

On May 5 in the morning, I took Construction Documents and Services 4.0 exam. I went in nervous and a little tense because I did not know what to expect. All I knew was that I studied for three months hardly preparing myself for those four hours. One week later, I received an email from NCARB having the “Big Blue” Fail. It was very disappointing. I felt mad and angry that after all that time studying, I could not pass a test that is been named the “easiest” ARE.

I spent that morning thinking about what I could have done wrong on the exam. Granted; there were questions in which I felt insecure answering, but I thought I managed it. After a while, I realize that I should think of this as a learning experience. It was my first time going through an ARE and I became aware that a failed exam is part of the process and that I should keep working hard. One of the main purposes of the ARE is to prepare and educate Architects into the practice. All this studying is to become smarter and confident when we are practicing our profession.

Obviously, my next step is to retake the test. Part of results the NCARB provides includes in which category you are most knowledgeable and which ones you are not. Knowing this, I will focus on the area I am weak while reinforcing the rest of the categories.

Also, as materials overlap between divisions, I am planning to start studying for Programming, Planning, and Practice. The idea is to take advantage of the CDS material I have fresh on my mind while I push forward to work through PPP.

This is all part of the ARE experience. This is all to become a better Architect.


  1. Migue
    June 10, 2017

    Head up and keep on forward… It was the first test… Its always the hardest even if they say its the easiest. Wish you the best and keep it up… You got this!!!

    1. J. Fraticelli
      June 12, 2017

      Thank you!!!!


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