Getting prepared!

I am planning to take the Construction Documents and Services 4.0 on March, so I am in the process of getting prepared.  This week it’s been quite interesting. Currently, as I am using Kaplan for Construction Documents and Services textbook, I have read half the book. I am trying to understand every concept and practice the quizzes for every chapter. If I didn’t answer one correctly, immediately I go back and review why I decided to take the wrong choice. I believe that this exercise will help to develop great skills and get myself prepared when taking the real deal. Also, I am creating a set of notes per chapter that I will publish after (and passing) each test to help everybody else during this journey. If it helped me, I hope it will help others.


I am planning to go through other study materials that might help too. I understand that there are other textbooks and flashcards that might help to study and explain different concepts. What study materials are you using? I will keep you all posted!

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