High Line Siblings

Elevated green parks have been a successful hit since the New York High Line proved that the integration of these public spaces can be proactive and adaptive to any city. The concept consists of transforming an unused railway line into a passive pedestrian public space changing its relationship with its context. Being an effective precedence,

Modernism meets Minimalism with Office One Architecture

Modernism has provided different ways to approach and execute Architecture. The development of new materials, construction methods, and emerging cities has inspired architects to think and interact with space in a whole different way. In addition, when different philosophies are added to the “Form follows Function” approach by Louis Sullivan, the modernist idealism keeps evolving

The movement we live in

Historically, time is marked or represented by a specific movement in which the human expressed itself during a certain period. Every movement has their own characteristics and attributes that distinguished one from another where art, music, technological advancements, culture, and, of course, architectural elements were tied to every single epoch. So, are we currently living

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