I Passed CDS!

Yes! Finally, I passed Construction Documents and Services 4.0. I went in to take the test last Saturday morning, confident and relax. WITH DOUBTS about how I did, I expended the rest of the week logging into my NCARB account checking if the results were posted. It wasn’t until Wednesday that I saw my first

Getting prepared!

I am planning to take the Construction Documents and Services 4.0 on March, so I am in the process of getting prepared.  This week it’s been quite interesting. Currently, as I am using Kaplan for Construction Documents and Services textbook, I have read half the book. I am trying to understand every concept and practice

ARE in a Nutshell

The Architect Registration Examination, or ARE, is a set of exams that will test the knowledge, skills, and understanding of the practices of architecture.  Once completed, along with other requirements, you are legally allowed to practice architecture. Each test consists of a series of questions and a vignette (4.0) or case study (5.0).   Each

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